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How to extend the service life of fishing nets

Article source: 本站    popularity: 291    Time of publication: 2020-11-02 13:49:02

The service life of the fishing net is closely related to how we used the net and how to deal with it after use. If we want to extend the service life of the net, we need to pay attention to the following situations when using it.
The fishing net and cage will be cleaned after use to remove sludge, fish grease and other attachments. In addition, it is also necessary to remove metal parts that are easy to rust, so as to prevent the mesh from being damaged by rust. The metal parts of the fishing cage are usually electroplated or plastic to avoid damage during use. Secondly, ventilation and drying should be avoided when drying. In addition, it should be noted that the net after drying should not be placed directly on the ground, but should be placed on a shelf about half a meter away or placed in a wooden box. During the processing of fishing net, the place should be kept ventilated and in time. If it is rainy, the door should be closed to prevent the fishing net from getting damp.
Fishing net is a consumable. Learning the correct storage method and prolonging the service cycle can greatly reduce the loss, reduce the cost and obtain greater benefits for farmers.

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