Three layer nylon fishing net manufacturers decrypt the production process of three kinds of fishing nets

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There are a lot of people fishing in summer, which is also a hot season for fishing nets. Every summer, when the three-layer nylon fishing net manufacturers are constantly manufacturing fishing nets. Next, we ask the fishing net manufacturers to let us decipher the manufacturing steps of the three kinds of fishing nets.
There are many kinds of methods to make fishing nets by three-layer nylon fishing net manufacturers. The third method to be introduced in detail is twisting method. This kind of net is called twisting non knot net. Two groups of cotton yarn are twisted by the equipment separately, and they cross each other at the junction point to form a net. The second method is the traditional method of making fishing net. This kind of net is called netting. The fishing net is made of the warp and the weft in the shuttle. However, when the nodule hits the fish and the ship's side, it will not only hurt the fish but also damage the net gear. Moreover, it is easy to cause loose nodules and uneven mesh number. The third method is warp knitting. This kind of net is called warp knitting without netting, which has the potential of leveling, wear resistance, light weight, stable structure, high compressive strength of nodules, no deformation and no looseness after the mesh is damaged.
The above three methods are commonly used by manufacturers of three-layer nylon fishing nets to make fishing nets. Among the three methods, twisting method is only suitable for weaving nets with large mesh size, while warp knitting method can be widely used for fishing at sea. This paper discusses fishing in water, feeding and other special uses.

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