What is net pulling, the fisherman tells you?

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Ground pull net fishing, also known as large-scale net fishing, is one of the operation modes to catch fish in coastal or subglacial waters based on shore or ice. It is also a widely used fishing method in coastal shoals and inland waters in the world. The utility model has the advantages of simple net structure, high fishing efficiency and fresh catch. The bottom shape of fishing ground should be flat and free of obstacles.
The Drawnet is generally of long strip shape. According to the structure, it can be divided into two types: non capsule and private single capsule. The upper and lower sections of the net are respectively equipped with floats and sinkers. Most of the sacs are in the middle of the wings, and some of them are on the side of the net. In order to prevent fish from jumping out of the net during operation, some nets are installed on the upper classes. In order to improve the efficiency of fishing bottom fish with net, some people assemble a series of small bags near the lower class, which is called hundred bag net. In recent years, electricity has also been applied in the following classes to improve fishing efficiency. It is usually used in rivers, lakes or reservoirs. Its length depends on the ability of the net and the water area. It is generally hundreds of meters, and the longest is 2-3 kilometers. The height is 1.5-2 times of the water depth, and the length of the pond fish is about 1.5-2 times of the pool width. The net height is 3-4 times of water depth. Both types of nets are used in coastal areas, with a length of 100-500 meters. Mesh length is 30-80 mm.
Generally, large-scale nets are mostly towed and pulled by machinery or animal forces, while small ones are mostly operated by manpower. According to the operation modes, they are divided into two types: under ice and under ice. The former is operated in the rivers and lakes in the cold winter, while the latter is also called open water network. When setting out the net, first put the net into an arc-shaped encircling circle, and then gradually reduce the encirclement circle by dragging the clues on both ends of the net until the net is pulled to the shore to collect the catch.

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