Nylon fishing net manufacturers tell you how to repair holes in fishing nets?

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The trash on the fishing net should be removed first, such as aquatic plants, fish scales, etc. Then prepare a basin of water, pour a little detergent, and then stir. Then put in the net, soak for a while, and then wash it bit by bit. After cleaning, rinse with water several times. It should also be noted that it should be dried after washing, and must remember to turn the fishing net well, straighten it, do not tangle, and put the fishing net in a cool and dry place, it is better to cover it and wipe it with oilcloth.
Only after the net is cleaned and placed properly, can we effectively prolong its service life and use it longer. Fishing nets and cages are commonly used in fishing activities.
The actual size of the fishing cage is too large, but it is still very convenient in fishing work. Just put the prepared bait into the sea and sprinkle it gently on the sea surface, and it can automatically immerse into the seabed. Wait until the next morning. To collect them in cages. As there are more rocks under the seabed, sinking cages are often damaged to varying degrees. Therefore, coarse hemp line can be added at the bottom and top of the cage to effectively extend its service life.
According to the structure of the fried fish net cage, the fishing cage can be set into a structure similar to the holding box, which can increase the capture amount and avoid the inconvenience caused by frequent taking of the fish cage. In the process of using fishing nets, fishing net manufacturers will inevitably have holes. Therefore, it is necessary to take corresponding maintenance measures according to the damage degree of fishing net.
When repairing, the fishing net should be arranged, straightened and suspended longitudinally, and then cut to repair a leg at the upper and lower ends of the broken wet one, and then form the net line on the upper leg. The feet are patched continuously, all the way to the bottom of the single foot. Sometimes it's not necessary to trim the warped face in order to improve the repair speed, and some eyes and feet will become double lines when making up. For knotless grid slides, we often use the two thread method. If the damaged part of fishing net has increased or decreased mesh, attention should be paid to the increase or decrease of original mesh and the time of increase or decrease.
If the side of the fishing net is damaged, the increase or decrease of the cutting cycle or mesh period of the side should be known. When trimming a broken fishing net, you can trim the edge to the side or trim off the edge, and the repair line is a blind hole on the side. Moving the foot up can also leave a foot at the top edge of the edge, and the patch cord can be used to make up for the deficiency of the foot.

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