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Proper storage of fishing nets

Article source: 本站    popularity: 6381    Time of publication: 2020-11-02 11:40:11

Fishing nets and fishing tools (such as fishing cages) made up of fishing nets are consumables. Learning the right storage method will extend their service life. Both nylon and polyethylene mesh have low resistance to ultraviolet rays. Exposure to the sun for a long time will reduce the intensity, resulting in powdering and so on. Generally, some anti ultraviolet materials are added to the raw materials of fishing nets, but the loss rate is still very high. In addition to the natural loss caused by the sun, the fishing net is easy to be damaged and perforated due to its limited structural strength. Therefore, in order to prolong the use time of fishing nets, it is necessary to learn the storage and replenishment methods of fishing nets and cages.
After using fishing nets and cages, they should be cleaned to remove dirt, oil and other attachments. Secondly, to easily rust metal parts (such as crown block) removed, to prevent rust damage net. The metal part of fish cage is usually electroplated or plastic (sprayed), so it should be prevented from damage during use. And then the net. When drying the net, avoid direct sunlight. If possible, choose a spacious, ventilated and dry place to hang. It is worth noting that after drying, the fishing net should be placed on a shelf or wooden box about half a meter above the ground, rather than directly on the ground. The place should be ventilated and dry. In rainy days, the door should be closed to prevent the fishing net from getting damp. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the fishing net from being bitten by rats and insects in the storage process, and do a good job in killing rats and insects. There should be no other volatile and corrosive chemicals in the place where fishing nets are stored.

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