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Change of performance of fishing net after absorbing water

Article source: 本站    popularity: 407    Time of publication: 2020-11-02 13:51:55

The changes of the properties of fishing net wires after water absorption vary with the amount of water absorbed. Due to the relationship between the types, structure and technology of the nets, the changes of their properties are different. The changes of the properties after water absorption are mainly shown in the following aspects:
1. The change of quality. After the wire is immersed in water, the moisture is first immersed in the air between the fibers, and then into the fibers. The water absorption of cotton thread and Manila hemp thread was rapid and large, and then gradually slow down. In synthetic fiber materials, the biggest suction basin is vinylon mesh. The results showed that the water absorption of vinylon, polyamide, polyvinyl chloride and polyvinylidene chloride were 80%, 36%, 32% and 11%, respectively
2. The change of hardness is that the diameter of the wire expands after absorbing water, which is equivalent to the increase of twist, which is harmful to some fishing gear (such as gill net). The synthetic fiber mesh with low hygroscopicity is soft after entering water, especially PA filament. The wet state of the mesh becomes very soft, which is of great significance to the use of rope.
3. In the water, the length of the net will change after absorbing water, which will cause the change of mesh size and the deformation of fishing gear. Therefore, the shrinkage or elongation of materials must be considered when designing and assembling fishing gear.

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