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What are the classification of fishing nets?

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Classification of fishing nets:
The fishing net can be divided into gill net, Traction Net (trawl), net, net building and net laying. It is required to have high transparency (part of nylon mesh) and strength, good impact resistance, wear resistance, mesh size stability and softness, and appropriate fracture elongation (22% ~ 25%). Twisted by single and double threads (with netting)
Or the single wire is made by weaving (Raschel, which is non netting), primary heat treatment (fixed nodule), dyeing and secondary heat treatment (fixed mesh size).
It can be used for drift net fishing, hauling net fishing, fishing fish, bait fishing and fixed fishing. Or become cage, fishing cage and other capture products to make raw materials.
Fishing production of the net tools, including trawls, nets, distribution, fixed nets and boxes, etc. Heavy net for fishing in marine fisheries. The mesh size is 2.5-5cm, the diameter of the mesh rope is about 2mm, and the net weight is several tons or even tens of tons. Usually, a pair of tugs are used to pull and chase the fish group or lure the fish group to concentrate by the light boat. Net for rivers and lakes fishing light net. The mesh size is 1-3cm, the diameter of the mesh rope is about 0.8mm, and the net weight is several kilograms. Fixed net and cage are fixed net for lake reservoir or bay artificial culture. The size and specification of the fish are different according to the fish raised, and the fish are enclosed in certain water area and cultured without escaping.
The raw materials of fishing net are mainly 210 denier nylon, polyester compound and 0.8-1.2mm diameter of ethylene fiber. The knitting methods include knot, twist and warp knitting.
Silk screen
It is a fixed upper layer network, with mesh of 40x40mm, height of 1.5m, unlimited length, depending on financial resources. This network has less investment and simple equipment, and is mostly used by farmers and fishermen. The upper and lower ends of the net are cotton stranding strings, and the upper is spaced with Wutong, float by tung oil, and the bottom is tied to the mud pendant after kiln burning. The number of floating and falling, the net floating in the water, and under it can be straightened and added and reduced. Set the side plan first. The side dimension is relatively thick, with float and awn on the top and falling stone at the bottom to fix. Then tie one end of the net to the side plan, and row the boat and put the net clothes in the sea. When the net clothes are all put, the end of the net is tied to another side class and the side class is put into the sea. The so-called mangzi is a bamboo pole, which is attached with falling stones, and the float is attached to it. The top is hung with a red triangle flag. There are several feather feathers of cock, standing and wandering in the sea as a sign. Therefore, it is called mangzi (in Rongcheng dialect, the "hope" is called "mangzi"). This net is mainly used with cranberry pods, and the main catch of green fish and prawn in spring flood. After the net was lowered, the ship broke down for a while. One hour can be stroked the net once. The advantage of this network is that it is not limited by the current, and the disadvantage is that the capture is low.
Bottom eight buckles
The bottom net is fixed, with a mesh of 100x100mm, with eight buttons up and down. It is mainly used to capture fish such as flat mouth and puffer. Therefore, it is called bottom eight buckle. The setting out procedure is the same as the screen, but the degree of bottom is taken as the degree. In the evening, the net is off and the net is closed in the morning. It is also commonly used by farmers and fishermen.
Mullet net
It is a relatively primitive set-up fence. It is composed of a watchtower and a ring net. The watchtower is built on the reef in the sea by wooden frame, about two meters high, and handrails are set around to protect safety. The ring net is inserted into a circular pile and the mesh is arranged in a round way, with an opening door left. The edge of the opening is connected with the other edge of the net and the upper and lower classes. The main cable leads to the lookout platform. A person is set on the watchtower to watch. After the fish group enters the net circle, the steel cable is pulled, the door door is closed and the upper and lower sections are contracted to make the net closed in a spherical way. Then shake the signal and call for others to join the peer network. This net is used when mullet is berthing for bait in autumn flood. Because the utilization of the network is too low.
Commonly known as the enchantment array, it is the main net tool for the fishing of blue carp (i.e. herring in the West Pacific) by the net of farmers and fishermen, which consists of three parts. That is, net wall, mesh (30x30mm, height 3 meters), net clothing (about 10 meters long) constitute. The upper part is equipped with glass or PVC float, and the lower part is connected with talc pendant, and fixed with anchor to make the net hang vertically in the sea. When setting out the net, one end of the net is fixed along the quarter of the net wall, and then the mesh is arranged in a circular way with the insertion part of the net wall as the axis. The other end of the net is not closed with the net wall, leaving a door for the fish to swim in. The net ring wall is equipped with 6-8 mesh sleeves, namely the bottom net. Fish swim into the net circle, all sides have a net, but the gap between the sleeve of the net is large, so swim into the bottom net that can not be out. When traveling the net, the sampan is driven to move along the net circle, lift the tail of the bottom net, and release the catch by unting the rope.
spread a net
One of the most common fixed net tools for formal fishermen is also the older one. The whole network is divided into two parts: net body and net bag. The net body is a net body which is connected by several mesh pieces and then folded up to form a conical mesh body of the interceptor. The mesh is decreased from the front to the back. Therefore, the front of the net body is thick and thin, and the net mouth is rectangular by four bamboo poles, about 1.5x 2.5m. The rectangular center has a bamboo pole connecting the upper and lower two bamboo poles at the net mouth, which is called "gun". The gun is connected to a rope and tied to the pin on the bottom of the sea. Long stream, "gun" and net door open, standing in the sea; flat flow, "gun" and net mouth lie flat on the sea. The net sac is made of a mesh with a close mesh, about 4 meters long, and connected with the net body. The treatment of a circular object made of broomsticks, commonly known as shrimp fringes, is separated so that fish and shrimp can enter or not.
Jar net
The specification of the jar net is 13.9x 5, 3M. The whole network is composed of two parts: net body and net bag. Like hanging net, the net body is folded by several mesh pieces and is made of a cone-shaped interceptor. The net bag is sewn by a mesh, and shrimp fiber is also placed at the junction

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