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The production method of nylon fishing net:

Knot method

It is a traditional method of making fishing net. The net is made by the knot of longitude and weft in the shuttle. The nodule is 4 times the diameter of the net rope, and protrudes out of the plane of the net. This network is called a network connection (Figure 1, a). When the nodule collides with the fish and the ship side when the net is set, it can damage the fish and wear the mesh, and it is flexible due to the smooth chemical fiber, which is easy to cause the nodule relaxation and uneven mesh.

Twist method

The two groups of yarn are twisted by the machine at the same time, and are connected into a net at the junction point. This kind of net is called twisted without knot (Fig. 1, b). Because the yarn at the nodule of the net is not bent, the net coat is flat and friction is reduced, but the efficiency of the twisting machine is low, and the preparation process is low

Complex, limited number of horizontal mesh, only suitable for weaving larger mesh.

Warp editing

Generally, the Raschel warp knitting machine with 4-8 comb bars is used to connect the warp yarn into a net, which is called warp knitting without netting. Because of the high speed of warp knitting machine (600 rpm), the width of the net door is wide, the number of cross mesh can reach 800 mesh, the specification is convenient to change, and the production efficiency is several times higher than the previous two methods. Warp knitting is flat, wear-resistant, light weight, stable structure, high nodule strength, no deformation and loose after the broken net clothes. It can be widely used in fishing at sea, freshwater fishing and breeding and other special purposes.

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