• Nylon monofilament fishing net - extra white

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The development of nylon monofilament fishing net: ancient people used coarse cloth and hemp as raw materials, and made fishing nets by the method of bundling. Although this kind of fishing net is easy to rot and has poor tenacity, its fishing efficiency has been greatly improved. With the development of fishery, the object of fishing and hunting is not only fish, but also the fishing tools. Modern fishing net mainly uses polyethylene, nylon and other raw materials for processing. It has a longer life cycle and higher fishing efficiency, and is classified by different use methods. For example, traditional fishing nets (hand nets, hand throwing nets), trawls using boats as power, gill nets (triple nets, purse seines) with different mesh sizes are used. These nets are made of different mesh sizes and materials for different fishing objects. At the same time, as the development of fishing net, all kinds of fishing utensils have been produced, such as fishing cage and quadrangle net.

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