AnhuiFishing net wholesale tells you the development history of fishing net

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Fishing nets are used for fishing. Nets are made of fibers woven in a grid structure. Some nets are also called fish rings, such as fishing nets. Fishing nets are usually formed by tying relatively thin lines.
Early nets were woven from grass, flax, and other fibrous plant materials, and later cotton; modern nets were often made of man-made polyamide cellulose from fishing nets, although organic polyamide nets such as silver disulfide were not widely used until recently.
Fishermen form a light net of floating flax and wheels around a circle, tapping gently on the sea with oars and beating the noise with whips. The development of fishing nets is not rapid. Many modern fishing nets will be recognized as representatives of the Neolithic age. However, the fishing lines that build nets have changed dramatically.
The propulsion net is another fixed net used by small-scale fishermen in some fisheries in Japan and South Asia, especially in the Philippines. Fixed gill nets are nets that are caught in the shallow tidal zone. It consists of nets that are fixed to the ground, usually drooping and flowing in rivers or sea water, to entangle and catch fish.
Until now, most fishing nets were usually made on industrial looms, but traditional methods still used nets woven and assembled by hand in the home or home industry.
There are trawlers, purse seines, cast nets, fixed nets and cages for fishery consumption. Trawls and purse seines are heavy nets for marine fishing. The mesh size of the net is 2.5-5cm, the diameter of the net rope is about 2mm, and the weight of the net can reach several tons or even tens of tons. Usually, the towboat is used to pull the fish separately to catch the fish, or the light boat is used to lure the fish to gather and encircle.

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